Paddle Tips

Selecting the right Paddleboard for you will make a huge difference to your paddling experience. Watch this video below to view some tops tips on selecting the right paddle.


The other important bit of equipment in the game of Paddleboarding that is time and again disregarded. Our paddles are accessible in various distinctive shapes, sizes, and materials. Paddleboard  made from a scope of materials, yet the four first sorts are wood, plastic, fiberglass, and carbon fiber.

The amount you can put resources into an oar will presumably decide the materials on the choice to you. However, the likely an essential things to consider while picking paddle is the length. As a rule, the dominant part of specialists will exceptionally prescribe paddle that is in the vicinity of 6 and 12 inches taller that you are.

If you are searching for a useful utilize paddle then something around 8 inches taller than your particular tallness ought to be great. A somewhat longer is profoundly prescribed should you for the most part voyage on flatwater, this will give you additional use and give a marginally better exercise.

Like every rule, there are obviously special cases to this lead as well. If you included in paddleboard surfing, you will, as a rule, utilize a shorter oar and if you race paddleboards, then your will utilize a more drawn out paddleboard.

Many cutting edge paddleboard paddles are currently accessible in customizable styles, with 3 or 4 length settings. That is a phenomenal component since it implies that you can use similar paddles both for cruising and surfing.

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